Shower Screens

Do you custom make shower screens?

We offer advice on practicality and individual styling and customise to suit any purpose or design.



Do you only have to use clear glass in a shower screen?

No. There are other alternatives such as textured glass which is a formed man made product that can create any pattern or design. This offers a modern architectural look.



Why does a Frameless Shower Screen door need a support rail?

The door needs support if it is hinged directly off another glass panel as the weight can be too much on the hinges. Support can be as simple as a narrow glass shelf or solid brace bar. If there is already solid wall support for the door to be hinged directly from the wall no support rail is necessary.



How do I keep my shower screen clean?

There are products on the market such as Enduroshield that for an additional cost provides a permanent, non-stick, water repellent coating that resists soiling, oil contamination and discolouration.


We advise to clean with water rather than harsh chemicals and wipe down with a squeegee daily to reduce the build up of etching, soap scum, mould and lime scale.


You can also purchase Mirror Image Glass Cleaner on-line from Clas Shower screens or pop into our showroom.