Don’t spoil the view.

You are required to install a privacy screen if your balcony is overlooking a neighbors backyard or living area.


Glass balustrading or privacy screens can be a much better solution than timber or aluminium.


Frosted or clear glass balustrading does not impede the light, protects your own privacy and provides an effective and secure barrier while you can continue to enjoy your view.


Glass is a hardwearing product and can withstand all the elements including wind, rain and continuous sun exposure.


We provide a range of quality balustrade glass solutions including clear, tinted, frosted, low-iron starfire and even printed glass.


Think outside the square. Don’t just limit your ideas to the verandah or balcony.


Frameless glass balustrading is also a functional and practical interior option for staircases and allows for openness, acts as a secure barrier and can create a focal point for a room while adding value to your home.


Specially powder-coated handrails and base-mounted posts can successfully match or complement any finish and the hardware used can make a statement in itself.


Our glass balustrades and privacy screens are custom made, of the highest quality and meet strict specifications and building code requirements.


As Melbourne’s frameless glass specialists, we provide personal service from start to finish, and we have some great ideas to share with you.


What are you waiting for? Call us now to help design your exterior privacy screen or interior glass balustrade.


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